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Carry-Out Items

Pasta Buckets
In a Pasta Bucket you will receive two quarts of pasta noodles, 1 pint of sauce, 1 pint of cabbage salad and a loaf of Rastrelli’s homemade bread. Pastas that are available are: Spaghetti or Penne Rigate with meat sauce or marinara sauce, Fettuccini Alfredo or Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken.

Chicken Buckets
In a Chicken Bucket you can order 8 or 12 pieces of chicken and with each bucket comes a loaf of Rastrelli’s homemade bread, a pint of cabbage salad, choice of mashed potato with gravy or a basket of French fries.

Pan of Lasagne
A 9 by 12 inch pan of flat noodles layered with Mozzarella, aged Romano and Ricotta cheese with our homemade Italian sausage. The lasagne order comes with a half gallon of sauce on the side. Each pan equals 9 full orders or 18 petite orders when cut.

Rastrelli’s Homemade Bread
Order your own loaf of our homemade bread to take home with you.

Most of our menu items are available as carry-out, please take a look below at the complete list or call or if you have questions.
Place your carry-out order in-person at the front hostess station or call today with your order (563) 242-7441