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Ice Creams and Sundaes

Ice Cream Sundae
Your choice of Vanilla, Spumoni or Sherbet
1 scoop or 2

Revere Special
This is the all time favorite! Our famous chocolate syrup, marshmallow, peanut sundae. Topped with whipped topping and cherries.
1 scoop or 2

Pete’s Original Hot Fudge Sundae
We serve creamy vanilla ice cream with a pitcher of Rastrelli’s hot homemade fudge. Pete’s favorite! This is the best!
1 scoop or 2


Rastrelli’s Signature Homemade Desserts
 Beyond amazing and made from scratch RIGHT HERE!  Different selections are available every day.


A rich flavorful mascarpone cheese filling layered with coffee flavored soaked lady fingers dusted with cocoa and topped with whipped topping. Garnished with whole coffee beans.

Cheese Cake
We offer a different selection of rich and creamy cheese cake every day. They are delicious and there is always room. We also sell the entire cake for you to take home and enjoy and share!

Two golden pastry shells filled with sweet Italian cheese, candied fruit and chocolate nibs.