Originally, the Avanti name was given to the room located on the lower level of the restaurant. This space was home to shag carpet, disco lights and a stage that hosted numerous types of bands and entertainment throughout the years. However in the mid-1990s the room was closed off and is no longer operational. We now host events in the space you see in the photos below which has since been named the Avanti. This room is home to our Sunday Brunch and our Pizza, Pasta and Salad Bar Buffet as well as available to be rented out for parties.

The Avanti Room


Avanti, meaning ‘forward’, in Italian represented what Rastrelli’s was trying to achieve in 1975 when the building housing the Avanti Room was built. Rastrelli’s was looking forward to all that could be done at the restaurant. This beautiful mural-ed room, supplied with a built-in buffet, is the perfect place for your event.